Prueba de nivel para acceder a un curso de B1.

Esta prueba consiste en 25 preguntas. Usted debe superar 18 aciertos para poder acceder a un curso de B1. Esta prueba se contrasta con una prueba oral que se hace mediante cita previa en una de nuestras academias de inglés en Murcia.

Bienvenido a tu Prueba de nivel B1
19 abril, 2019

1. There are six of us so ___ get into the car at the same time
2. Her children tell her that ___ old to drive a car.
3. When the circus comes to town, her father has promised ___ her there.
4. ___ at the moment, I'll go to the shops.
5. In a shop, ___ customers.
6. Your bicycle shouldn't be in the house! ____
7. He's a good guitarist, but he plays the piano ___
8. Molly doesn't eat fish. ___
9. She always buys ___ my birthday.
10. She hardly ever eats ___ potatoes.
11. I ___ to your letter of the 15th
12. Your letter ___
13. If I ___ someone in England, I would visit in the summer.
14. I'll ring you as soon as I ___ there
15. Peter is a friend of mine. you ___ him last year when you were in England.
16. He didn't thank me for the present. That's ___ annoyed me.
17. I'll have to buy ___ trousers.
18. She looks ___
19. I've been looking for you ___
20. Send him to the baker's ___
21. He didn't know ___ or go home.
22. If you ___ help you, you only have to ask me.
23. "I'm going to the theatre tonight". "So ___".
24. He wants to get a better ___ and earn more money.
25. I didn't hear what he was ___