Prueba de nivel para acceder a un curso de B1.

Esta prueba consiste en 25 preguntas. Usted debe superar 17 aciertos para poder acceder a un curso de B1. Esta prueba se contrasta con una prueba oral que se hace mediante cita previa en una de nuestras academias de inglés en Murcia.

Bienvenido a tu Prueba de nivel B1
22 octubre, 2021

1. Peter is looking at ____
2. Who is that girl?
3. Whose flowers are they? They're
4. Which one is correct?
5. Which one is correct?
6. Where _________ on Saturdays?
7. Which one is correct?
8. Do you like that shop? Yes, I _________ every week
9. I feel very well because I went to bed early ____
10. My brother was ______ all week
11. James ______ to play football tomorrow
12. Jack _____ in his book
13. This is an old photograph of me when I ______
14. When we got to the school, we ____ the bell
15. Did you see the man on top of the church yesterday? No why ____
16. This is ______ that
17. When _______ , give her this book.
18. Which one is correct?
19. ______ lovely food!
20. I'm going to give ____
21. How's the baby?
22. His daughter is ____
23. Which one is correct?
24. I _____ 2 bottles but one broke.
25. We ______ my cousin since last Christmas.